Maria’s Memory

Yesterday, I told Maria we were going to go Bye-Bye (to the zoo) and she disappeared down the hallway. When she came back, she had a pair of my socks. She had opened my sock drawer and brought a pair back to me. Apparently I walk around at home without socks quite often, so that I need to get socks before we can leave!

Her memory and the different events and things she associates are amazing. The last 2 times we’ve been to the grocery store, she has asked for a “tookie” (because they have free cookies at the bakery for kids). And the other day when I went through the drive-thru at McDonald’s, she immediately started begging, because she knew there were French Fries in the bag!

This weekend, Chad left the room and left his cell phone and the remote where she had access. She brought the phone to me “du-duu” (here you go), but wouldn’t give me the remote because “Daddy mote”.

2 thoughts on “Maria’s Memory

  1. It is super crazy what they remember and how they associate things. Apparently I have made a big deal out of looking for hankies- long story- and picking my camera or phone up out of N’s reach, because now he’ll hand them to me if I haven’t already picked them up. At least he doesn’t flash me the smile and run off with them! It’s soo cool to see them learn something.

  2. I’ve been in awe of the same thing lately- it’s SCARY the things she’s remembering! We’ll look at each other and just shake our heads, like WOW. heh Their little brains are amazing right now, aren’t they???

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