Whirlwind Weekend

What a crazy weekend! Friday I had off, but ran errands and did some catchup at home.  Friday evening we headed to a couples baby shower. It was a lot of fun to see our friends.  Maria had a good time, except for the few times she ventured out into the party and realized I wasn’t following her every move!

Saturday we headed to my aunt’s house for a belated Christmas get together. It was a good time, except that Maria was overtired and wouldn’t nap.  She also did not want to go sledding, or even go to Daddy while we were outside, so I didn’t get to go “whee” down the hill either.

Sunday, Maria slept in a little, and went down early for a nap, but not long enough to get over her needing Mommy within her sight (at home!).  Chad was able to distract her long enough for me to decorate the Thomas the Train (Choo Choo) cake for Luke’s birthday party yesterday evening!

Except for wanting me to be within her sight at all times, Maria did really well with all the people she saw this weekend. She has no problem showing off or being the center of attention. In the middle of Luke’s gift opening, when he opened a Sesame Street CD, she took it, and stood up in the middle of the room and sang “la la la la, that’s Elmo’s world! — YAY!!”

This morning the alarm clock went off to early, and it was back to work, without feeling like we had much down time this weekend!

Maria LOVES “Bum-pa A” (Saturday)

Taking the Baby for a Stroll in our Sunny Family Room.

Maria’s Cousins’ have a fun basement to play in!

Cousin Luke – the Birthday Boy!

Luke is quite the Hockey Player at 2!!

Luke got a lot of great presents and Maria and Jana (his sister) were happy with them too!

When asked if she was ready for cake, Maria shouted “YAY! CAKE!”  Luke was more interested in his toys still.

the cake

Luke wasn’t sure about blowing out the candles…

After Sampling the Frosting

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