Crazy Week

It has been a crazy week.  Not only did we have a crazy snow storm last Monday, we then suffered through several days of crazy cold weather (minus 20-something degrees PLUS wind chills!)  Oh, and Maria got sick.  We think it was just a cold. She was just not sleeping and running a fever. Then her nose turned into a fountain of snot. So she’s not sleeping or eating real well. yea, fun stuff!

I was home with her last Wednesday, and up with her several times each night. When Friday arrived, even though I had planned on working, I stayed home. Did some shopping (Ann Taylor Loft and New York & Co had some crazy deals!), watched some TV, and napped!  Friday night, Chad stayed home with Maria and I went to book club.  We didn’t really talk about the book, but the 5 of us who showed up had fun catching up! Hopefully we can get book club back on track with regular meetings, although I don’t think that’ll be easy!

Saturday was a big day!  We were up early and out the door to see Elmo’s Green Thumb!  We weren’t sure Maria was really old enough to get it or enjoy it, but we finally decided to try a couple weeks ago. We had pretty good seats and when it started she was loving it! She was pointing and clapping and dancing and saying all the different characters in it.  By the end of the first half, we knew she was ready for a break.  I think neither of us wanted to admit we wouldn’t make it through the 2nd half. We bought some mini-donuts and walked around and got back to our seats after the lights were out already.

We didn’t even make it through the first song of the 2nd half.  Maria was trying to step in between 2 seats in front of us, and didn’t realize it was a step. And boom – she fell. Scratched her face by her eye, and we were done. As I carried her out though, she waved and said “bye bye Abby” who was performing on stage!  She was done and had no interest in watching from different seats, so we got back to the car and came straight home, where she didn’t take a long enough nap!

Last night, Chad’s parents babysat while we went to my company’s winter outing – bowling. It was a lot of fun and we both had a good time, but by the end of it, my throat was sore and I knew Maria had successfully given me her cold!

So now I write this with my box of Sucrets nearby, and thinking I’ll be in bed by 8… and hopefully feeling better tomorrow!

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