Lilah is 1

Sarah’s little girl is ONE!!! which makes my little girl almost 2! Yikes!

We celebrated with Lilah today! Maria had a blast at the festivities! It has been a long time since we went out and she wasn’t overly clingy in a room (house) full of people she really doesn’t know well!  I’m learning that looking at pictures and talking about the situation a couple days in advance helps Maria warm up more quickly once in the situation!

Here are some pictures from the day. My favorite may be Nolan playing with Maria’s doll!

Here you can see the Jell-O stain all over Maria’s face. She loved it!

The Birthday Girl, Miss Lilah

Lilah opening presents with her mommy

Lilah’s cousin Nolan who played with Maria’s doll – too cute!

And the cake!

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