• Yesterday after we got home from daycare, I put Maria down inside and asked her to be a big girl and go up the stairs by herself, because I was also carrying groceries. She got to the first step and stopped. She then said “back itch, back itch”. Strange, she has never said this before, but I went to scratch her back and discovered she had smuggled a toy car home from daycare inside her onesie and it was scratching her!
  • Work today was gloomy. Major layoffs. I’m a consultant, so I’m spared for now.  Still hits too close to home.  I’ve been on the other side twice. This was the first time I’ve stuck around through it, but it still sucks!
  • Dinner for tomorrow is ready to go in the oven. Tonight after Maria went to bed, I prepped meatloaf and twice-baked potatoes from leftover baked potatoes I made late last week.
  • Really craving Chocolate Chip cookies, but too lazy to make them. That is probably good!
  • Oh, and I overpaid a store credit card bill by 2 cents, and they sent me a check for $0.02 – how ridiculous will I look when I take that to the bank!? 🙂

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