Maria Meets Maggie

Well, Kind of. Maria hasn’t actually met Maggie in person – that would actually be strange, since I haven’t met Maggie’s mom in person, and only know Jen through her blog!  But Maria was in the room when I watched this video of Maggie the other day, and now asks for Maggie when she discovers me on the computer! Elmo may have a rival!!

Here is some video of Maria watching Maggie (I suggest watching Maggie’s video first, to fully appreciate the context!)

Maria Meets Maggie on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Maria Meets Maggie

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. That is so hilarious and adorable!!!! I love that Maggie has a fan! haha We have to get these girls together someday 🙂

    Off to bring Maggie to computer to watch Maria watching her on the computer… hehe

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