Follow Ups

  • Am I Sticking to the Menu? — Yes for the most part. I’ve had to make some adjustments, but I’ve been able to keep things relatively disruptive.  And it’s easier changing a plan, than struggling without one! Bonus: is that Chad has a better idea about what is for dinner and can plan his lunch, so he doesn’t end up eating tacos for lunch and dinner!
  • Did Maria wake up sick last Sunday? — Yes, she did. She was warm and feverish, with a snotty nose most of the day. We kept her home on Monday and took her to the doctor. They tested her for RSV. Test was negative (So thankful!). And she’s been back at daycare all week.  Unfortunately, I have the cold now too.
  • Any more news on the Potty front? — No, Maria hasn’t used the potty again. It may have been a fluke. And we are not pushing it.  As much as I’d like her to be out of diapers, I am going to appreciate for right now, that when we’re out and about, I don’t have to drop everything to take her to the bathroom.
  • How are the new year’s resolutions? — I am going in streaks with both of them. Some days I do great with cutting out the soda and being better prepared through the week. But the weeks where we’re fighting tight schedules and bugs have been tough.  I will say though that planning my menus has been making the lunch prep a whole lot easier though!
  • American Idol – yay or nay? — This year, I’ve decided… to NOT watch American Idol.  I know I hadn’t blogged about it yet, but thought you may have been wondering. First I decided to not watch the auditions, and last week sometime I decided that I need to just not even start this year.  It was tough. I’ve watched it every season, but logically I would rather spend an extra 2-3 hours reading or scrapbooking or sleeping every week.
  • Fitting In? — Yeah… I’m a slacker on the diet/exercise front too. My pants fit and I’m trying to prioritize time/responsibilities.  Again the meal planning is helping us eat out less, so hopefully that will show up in other aspects (i.e. my waist!)

One thought on “Follow Ups

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who is actually not really looking forward to the out-in-public bathroom stops. Diapers are SO NICE for that purpose! (especially when the poopy one already came in the morning! hehe)

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