The weekend seemed short, but I think it’s because we were pretty busy.

Friday, I didn’t work. Maria went to daycare. I did taxes and we owe… 😦  and then I watched a lot of TV, but still felt exhausted at the end of the day because I picked up Maria’s cold last week. Friday night I ran to the grocery store and then watched SuperNanny ( yikes can not believe the way the father was smacking his kids on camera!)

Saturday,  the three of us went to Red Robin for lunch to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  The service was quick and food was good. I think Maria was digging into her mac and cheese before the server had set it down! Maria took a nice long nap late in the afternoon, while Chad went to a motorcycle show, and I napped too.  We picked up Frozen River from the Redbox.  It was a good movie.  Definitely categorized as a drama, not comedy, not action, not romance. Drama – it was really well done.

Sunday, the three of us headed to Hudson for the afternoon for a playdate at Lilah’s.  There were 4 families and we had a nice time! Chad got to see some Nascar on the big screen with the other dads. Maria and I got to play with the other kids and moms.

Maria Moments

We hit another milestone this weekend…  “NO”.  Along with head shaking.  These are definite NOs.  In some ways it’s good. I like it when I can ask her, “do you want milk?” and she will say “No”. But I’m pretty sure it’s going to get tough when I tell her to put something down and she says “NO!”.

This morning, Maria was looking for Chad and was saying “Daddy, are you?”. I knew he was downstairs, so I told her to yell and she yelled “YELL!”.  Too cute!

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