Geeky at the Core

So those of you who don’t know me as well, I’m a geek.  Or maybe that is evident. I think having a blog is a pretty good indicator (No offense, fellow bloggers — just an indicator. I don’t want to stereotype). 

So if you’ve got a bit of the geek factor (especially you ladies), you may (or may not) appreciate my geeky-discoveries… and possibly answer my question?

  • A new blog: GeekSugar – where “geek is chic”
  • Google Docs — which is probably old news, but I’ve just discovered their forms within their spreadsheets…  Collecting information from different people, set up a spreadsheet with a form that can be emailed to your “users” and have them submit the form to populate your spreadsheet… I know geeky, but it’s cool to be able to share documents without being confined to one PC or network! 

Question:  Anyone have information (pros vs. cons) about using Picasa to share photos?  I’d just sign up and try it if it didn’t involve downloading software…  Anyone? Anyone??  Or should I just upgrade my flickr account?

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