Let Her Eat Cake

Maria loves loves loves cake!

Saturday morning when she got up, I told her we were going to a birthday party.  Her response was “Cake?”   Unfortunately we did not make it to the end of the party. It was at a center with big inflatable jumping toys and she was not a fan of the big loud room filled with people she didn’t know (my co-workers and their children).  At one point I asked her “Go bye-bye or stay for cake?”… she chose “bye-bye”.

Sunday morning, she was digging around in the cupboards and came out with paper plates. I let her have one to play with and she immediately came over with the plate and said “Cake?”

And lucky for Maria, Grandma knows she loves cake. When Daddy took her to Grandma’s on Sunday afternoon (I went to lunch and a movie with the girls!), Grandma had bought her a big piece of cake from Byerly’s for a treat!

One thought on “Let Her Eat Cake

  1. WOW. Our girls continue to be so incredibly similar, it’s scary!! We went to a birthday party on Saturday too, and in the morning we told her about the party and immediately she started talking about cake. In the car on the way there: “cake!” When we went to leave: “bye bye cake!”

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