Windy City

Friday morning, I headed to Chicago to visit Karin!  I had booked my flight in January and excited for my “run-away-from-home” weekend!

The flight out was pretty uneventful, except for me being completely snookered by the dang fee to check my one small bag, which I would have carried on if I had been prepared with ziplocs for my shampoo, lotion, etc…  grr… (northwest airlines = annoying)

I arrived to unseasonally warm weather!!  Karin met me at the airport and we went back to her place to figure out a plan.  Once we decided to get out and shop on Michigan Ave and take advantage of the weather, we had to figure out what we were going to wear! I was not prepared for 60 degree weather in March in Chicago!

We had a yummy lunch/brunch and then hit some stores.  I did pretty well at Ann Taylor Loft, Gap, Ann Taylor (Karin did really well here too!) , and Banana Republic.

Friday night, Karin made dinner and then we headed out for coffee and chocolate cake. Yummm!

Saturday, it started raining while we were at breakfast.  So our day consisted of trying to stay dry.  DSW Shoes, Target, Slumdog Millionaire, and then an early dinner with my aunt Marilyn. Then again, an early night.  I didn’t have much luck at DSW, but the movie was great!  And dinner was great too. I hadn’t seen Marilyn since January 2008.

Sunday, I slept in due to the time change. It was raining again. Thundering and Lightning too.  I pretty much just packed my bag and headed to the airport. Again the flight home was fairly uneventful, except that my bag did not fit in the bins above the seats, so I had to check it at the gate (no charge), and deal with a crabby lady who b***hed so much, she got upgraded to first class.  Nice… grrr…

That’s it… and for those who make it this far, the one picture I took all weekend, because my mom loves American Gothic.

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