Saturday morning, we had swimming lessons. Our first lesson in several months. Maria was a bit apprehensive but warmed up quickly.  She just wanted to be on her tummy and swimming around!

After a mid-day nap, we headed out to Baby Loves Disco.  We met Sarah, Lilah, and Lilah’s cousin Lucy.  Maria again was a bit apprehensive at first, but warmed up. She danced a little, played a little, ate a little, talked a little, and got a tattoo of a school bus on her hand!

On Sunday, Maria’s cousins Jana and Luke came over (Aunt Kim & Uncle Chip too). We hadn’t seen them since early January. The kids had a blast! We even got some outside time in!

Today after work, Maria and I went outside for an hour after a quick snack. Maria had fun going in a circle (around the cul-de-sac). About the 3rd time around, she loudly observed (and pointed) “that’s Ron and Nancy’s house!”.  So we went, rang the doorbell, and said hello. Maria proudly showed them her boots. And when it was time to go back and walk around the circle again, she said “Nancy, too?”.  Unfortunately Nancy couldn’t come out with us, but asked Maria if she’d like to go to the park sometime this summer.  Maria of course, said yes!  After going back to the circle, I convinced Maria she could step in the puddles, and she decided that splashing was fun!

We are loving the spring weather!!!

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