On The Go

We kept pretty busy this weekend! Chad was out of town, but Maria and I kept quite busy without him!  Thursday evening, I decided we’d try going out to eat. I gave Maria the choice of hamburgers (Culver’s) or pancakes (ihop).  She chose pancakes. After dinner, we went to the mall to play in their new play area.

Friday was pretty normal… I ran errands and did stuff around the house. She went to daycare.

Saturday, we had swimming lessons in the morning. We went early since we are still trying to ease her in. She did not need to be eased in at all, and we ended up being in the pool for 50 minutes, which meant we came straight home to nap!  After Maria’s nap, Chad’s parents came over. They took her for a walk and played hide with her. We also made homemade ice cream.

Sunday (today), we went to church, although I spent the hour in the nursery with her.  It’s my attempt at getting her acclimated and used to the people and building, so we can actually leave her in the nursery in the future.  After church, we stopped by the mall again to play, and I had to return something.  We then realized that the Easter Bunny was there, and no one was in line, so we went and got a picture! We haven’t talked much about the Easter Bunny, but Maria was plenty excited to see a big bunny and sit on his lap!  After the mall, Maria napped, and then we headed to my brother’s house. We haven’t seen much of them since Christmas. Maria got to play a LOT, including outside and we stayed for dinner.  I was surprised she didn’t fall asleep on the car ride home. In fact, she’s still awake in her crib right now (over an hour past normal bedtime).

Nice weekend!  But busy, time to get to bed so I’m not a zombie tomorrow!

Easter Bunny

Elizabeth and Maria on the Swings


Maria, Elizabeth, Katelyn testing out the lawn chairs.

Maria playing dress-up

Maria loves her Aunt Melanie

Elizabeth hugging Maria

All the cousins – Andrew, Maria, Elizabeth, Katelyn

Andrew, Katelyn, and Maria

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