Catching Up

I don’t think I can really catch you all up. I don’t know exactly why I’m slacking with my blog. Just a lot going on.  Last Wednesday night, Maria was a bit extra clingy and not really hungry. We weren’t exactly sure why, until she threw up all over me around 6 pm.  She threw up again around 9 in her crib, but slept through the night after we cleaned everything up.

She was pretty fine the next day, but of course we kept her home from daycare.  I did take her out in the afternoon for a haircut that day  (a good trim into a short little bob and she is quite the little girl and not so much baby).

Chad and I thought we were safe until Monday night when Chad’s stomach started doing the knotting up thing.  And me? I’m still wondering if I’m going to get it!

So mostly trying to stay healthy and keeping up with stuff at work! Looking forward to some spring weather… soon, please!

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