I’m a blog slacker.  I know that.


  • Worked on decluttering my house.  Felt good after some good purging!
  • Visited Ikea. Dropped off about 40 batteries for recycling and did some successful browsing, and found some delicious cookies!
  • Last minute, decided to go to book club in the evening.  Good time!


  • Swim lessons in the morning.
  • Naps for everyone.
  • Short shopping trip to buy Easter basket goodies
  • Chad went to Fantasy Baseball draft
  • Maria and I went to the mall to burn off some of her energy
  • Worked on catching up on photo organization
  • Finished Christmas 2007 Scrapbook pages (to be posted later)


  • It snowed.
  • Started dinner (Hot Turkey Sandwiches) in the crockpot
  • Made Belgian waffles for breakfast
  • Again, naps for all
  • Made banana bread
  • Visited the library (with Maria)
  • Picked up my scrapbook pages from Walgreens
  • Finished dinner (recipe to be posted later)

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