It really was a Good Friday

Yesterday daycare was closed, so Maria and I met up with our friends Lisa and her daughters, Mallory & Mykaela.  We met at the zoo around 9:15. It was CRAZY busy! I’m sure because of the holiday and being the last weekend of the baby farm animals exhibit. Luckily I think we beat the busiest part.   Maria did not enjoy the wagon ride to the farm, but she did like the animals, and a lollipop appeased her for most of the wagon ride back.

After the zoo, we headed to McDonalds.  It was Maria’s first McDonald’s playland experience and she loved it!! She made a new friend named Lilah who was 6 who took her up through the tunnel and down the slide about 10 times. I think Maria slowed down most of the kids going through the tunnel, and I’m pretty sure she would have not been successful without Lilah. It was a great time!

Yesterday afternoon, I called a tree service about some trimming work we needed done to get an estimate.  They were already working in the neighborhood so I got a great estimate and they came back while we were running errands and were completely cleaned up and gone!  Felt good to get that done and over with… we tend to drag our feet when it comes to getting work done when we have no idea how much it will cost!

Maria and I also spent some time outside. She is pretty good following me around with her rake while I clean out leaves for 20 minutes at a time.  I’ll take it and we will be outside every afternoon we can!

Today we start our Easter festivities! Today with Chad’s family and tomorrow with mine. Hope you all have a Happy Easter!

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