21 Days – Take 2

Last March, I committed to getting through 21 small projects/tasks in 21 days.  I only got through 13, but looking back am still pretty proud of myself… so here I’m starting again… and here are my 21 tasks for the next 21 days…  (Also note, that Chad will be helping me with some of these, or just doing them himself…)

  1. Catch up on Maria’s birthday scrapbook
  2. Lose 2 lbs (small goal, I know, but better than nothing!)
  3. Clean out foyer closet
  4. Clean out fridge
  5. Clean Kitchen floors and foyers (at least once over 3 weeks)
  6. Clean bathrooms (we have 3)
  7. Clean bathrooms (should be done at least twice over 3 weeks!)
  8. Laundry
  9. Laundry (again twice over 3 weeks)
  10. Hem Chad’s pants
  11. Finish cleaning out dry creekbed/landscaping.
  12. Follow up with landscape guy about mulch
  13. Clean off porch
  14. Clean out inside of car
  15. Fill a box of stuff for Goodwill
  16. Start researching wallpaper removal service
  17. Plant grass
  18. Trim shrubs
  19. Take old electronics in garage to recycling center
  20. TBD (Wild Card)
  21. TBD (Wild Card)

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