Productive Weekend

Friday, I worked outside cleaning up some of the landscaping. After raking beneath the pine trees, I discovered our lawn actually goes further than I thought.  I filled about 14 – 30 gallon bags with leaves and pine needles!

I did a little shopping on Friday afternoon as well.

Saturday, we had our last swimming lesson. Maria passed to the next level, with her favorite skill being “Singing Songs”.  (“If you’re happy and you know it shout Hurray – HURRAY!”).  After swimming lessons, I cleaned out the foyer closet (#3 & 15) and Chad and I cleaned floors (#5).  His parents then came over late afternoon, and that evening, Chad and I headed out to dinner with some friends. It was a good time. We couldn’t remember the last time we saw several of them without our kids or theirs!

Today, we all slept in. (Maria until 9:30). We then went to Caribou for coffee and (coffee) cake! Maria loved that!  When we got home, Chad and I started putting together a desk we bought several weeks ago (#20). It took several hours, but it looks pretty good for an $85 desk!  I am just happy to be getting rid of the desk that I bought in college for $50!  The whole amusement room looks much better. I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as we have a living room, family room, and amusement room, that I am going to deal with mismatched furniture for a while.  And I will probably ignore the ugly wallpaper too.

The new desk / office area:
New Desk - Amusement Room

The TV side of the room:
Amusement Room

The desk we’re getting rid of – if you want it, it’s free, and going on Craigslist tomorrow.
Old Desk

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