To the Jerk in the Ramp

To the Jerk in the Ramp at the MOA this afternoon,

Whoever you were, I couldn’t even see you. I could only hear your excessively loud engine/muffler. I know you probably felt like the shizzut you are, when you revved your engine over and over, so loudly that I couldn’t even hear my daughter screaming because she was terrified by the noise. I have never had her beg to be strapped in her carseat and have the door shut, because she was so scared. That was a big help, normally she doesn’t like to leave the mall.

An hour later she was still talking about the scary loud truck and scared to be put down outside of Ikea, again a big help, because I didn’t have to worry about her running away. Thanks a lot. I just wanted you to know that you can be confident you are one tough SOB, because your truck scared the crap out of a 23 month old girl today.

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