21 Days – The End

Here’s where I ended up. Not bad, but I was hoping to do better, but I did get over 1/2!

  1. Catch up on Maria’s birthday scrapbook
  2. Lose 2 lbs (I don’t know about this one yet. I haven’t weighed myself or been on the Wii Fit)
  3. Clean out foyer closet
  4. Clean out fridge
  5. Clean Kitchen floors and foyers (at least once over 3 weeks)
  6. Clean bathrooms (we have 3)
  7. Clean bathrooms (should be done at least twice over 3 weeks!)
  8. Laundry
  9. Laundry (again twice over 3 weeks)
  10. Hem Chad’s pants
  11. Finish cleaning out dry creekbed/landscaping.
  12. Follow up with landscape guy about mulch
  13. Clean off porch
  14. Clean out inside of car
  15. Fill a box of stuff for Goodwill
  16. Start researching wallpaper removal service
  17. Plant grass
  18. Trim shrubs
  19. Take old electronics in garage to recycling center
  20. TBD (Wild Card) – Put together New Computer Desk
  21. TBD (Wild Card) – Planted flowers

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