Being Healthy

Yesterday Maria went to daycare and I spent the day taking care of me:

  • Physical at the doctor. It went well, although they were concerned over my extremely low blood pressure, although the doctor decided it was from my fasting for the blood work. oh, and I got an overdue tetanus shot.
  • Some retail therapy at the mall. New shorts, shirts for casual summer. Plus a quick trip to Ikea.
  • Dentist visit in the afternoon. Ugh. need 2 crowns. Not looking forward to that or paying for that!
  • Yard work, this really wasn’t about getting me healthy. But I need to mention that I spent about 4 hours tearing out the remains of an old crazy overgrown plant, leveling the ground, laying landscape cloth, and then putting mulch on top of it! And it looks great!

As for the rest of the weekend, mulch is on sale, so probably more yard work. And hopefully meeting up with some friends!

Happy Start of Summer!!

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