Memorial Day

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. On Saturday Chad golfed, while Maria and I ran some errands.  In the afternoon, I worked on getting some landscaping cleaned up and mulch put down.  Chad also mowed the lawn. Neither of us complained about doing the work, since we knew we still had 2 days to relax!  I spread a total of 43 bags of mulch on Friday and Saturday.  (Plus there are 13 more bags in the garage for the next week to put out!)

Yesterday, Maria was up early, so she and I went to the store and bought cinnamon rolls and fresh pineapple for breakfast to surprise Chad.  Chad later headed out with his parents to go to the cemetery, and have lunch.  They came back to our house for dinner: brats, hot dogs, coleslaw, beans, chips, and strawberry shortcake! Yum!! Maria was so excited to have her grandparents to herself for the evening!

Today, we were up early to make our last trip to buy mulch (it was on sale which is why we stocked up!) We then went to the park, because Maria’s memory is like a steel trap! We promised yesterday we’d go to the park today and she remembered first thing this morning!  I got to run some errands this afternoon including picking up Maria’s 2 year pictures! (Drop me an email if you’d like to see the pictures online)  After nap, we all went outside to play. Turns out Maria likes to play a version of kickball. Basically Chad and I take turns pitching the ball to each other, while the other kicks it. Then Maria runs after it, saying “Mine. I get it.” She then returns it and says “Do do. Your Welcome”  (Do do = “Here you go”) We probably did this about 20 times. No wonder she was tired!

All in all, it was a great weekend, and we foresee spending a lot of time on the porch this summer! Maria loves it out there with her sandbox and other toys!

At the Park

Snack Time

Maria & Daddy

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