Friday Review

Instead of making you wait a full 7 days between re-caps, I thought I’d give you a bonus this Friday! Plus we have birthday parties this weekend, so I’ll have pictures and fun things to report…

Monday – Chad and I agreed to meet at the bike shop and scope out a new bike for him after work.  Unfortunately when I picked up Maria her goopy eye was back (a 3rd time!). So we spent a couple hours at the bike shop (with a quick stop at McDonald’s for dinner) and then to the pediatrician’s office for Maria.  She’s now on penicillin and was referred to an opthamologist because it didn’t seem to be a straight out eye infection, being that eye drops didn’t take care of it, and this has been a problem with the same eye previously. (Oh and Chad came home with a new bike!)

Tuesday – Typical week day. Worked. Played. Bedtime.

Wednesday – Same, but we went to the library and a quick stop at the mall.

Thursday – Same, but we all went on a bike ride.  Yea! It was fun! Hopefully it’ll be a regular occurance. Maria loves her trailer and Chad loves his new bike (it’s big and fits him well!)

Friday morning – We went to the opthamologist. Maria was awesome. The doctor was REALLY good with her.  He had Elmo things for her to watch and look at while he looked at her eyes. She had to have her eyes dialated, but it didn’t affect her too much, but she did have a hard time telling what was in her snack bag.  I dropped her off at daycare (she did not want to stay, until Kara asked if she wanted to help put on sunscreen!) And then I went and got my oil changed (read while I waited) and then came home and trimmed up some shrubs and trees in our landscaping. I’ll probably put down the mulch that has just been sitting in our garage tonight.  Not this afternoon though, because I’m heading out to see the Hangover!  Yea! Fun afternoon!

Have a good weekend!

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