On Thursday I left work early, because my neck was sore. Usually a massage and some ice helps it, but not this time! I ended up in Urgent Care that evening, where the doctor adjusted my back and popped something back in! It’s still a little sore, but no more shooting pains when I turn my head or laugh!

Friday, I did a little yard work, but mostly relaxed. Got some shopping done at Target. Maria and I were supposed to meet a friend at a park but I sent her to daycare not sure how my neck was going to recover.

Today, Chad’s cousin and her family were in town. The guys golfed in the morning. The men watched the kids in the afternoon, while the ladies hung out in downtown Stillwater. And then Chad’s brother and his wife hosted us all for dinner and lots of play!  Maria took a bath before we left with her cousin Luke because we knew it would be a hopeless mess if we drove 45 minutes home and then attempted a bath!

Needless to say, I am tired, but I have lots of pictures to download tomorrow!  We had a beautiful day to be outside!

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