Bits of Knowledge

The bits of knowledge that Maria has picked up on lately have amazed me.

The other day, she and I were playing with her sand table, and she dumped some sand in a bucket with her shovel. Then picked up a little sand with her fingers and sprinkled it in the bucket and told me it was seeds.  Then she went on to talk about the plants and flowers that were going to grow in her bucket.

2 thoughts on “Bits of Knowledge

  1. oh my goodness, I know. Maggie’s been talking nonstop about the mother duck under our front bush, about how she lays on the eggs to keep them warm so they’ll turn into babies and I’m like WOW, she really DOES hear everything we say. Doesn’t always LISTEN TO US (ha) but she definitely hears us. Which is both good & bad 😉 hehe

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