Fun Filled Weekend!

We had a busy weekend, but lots of fun. When I say “we” I mean Maria and I. Chad was in Alpine Valley for Phish shows, although I’m sure he had fun too.

Friday, Maria had fun at daycare, while I mowed the lawn (not fun) but then had lunch and saw Sunshine Cleaners with Anne.

Saturday, Maria and I headed to Rochester to visit my parents. We had lunch with them and played a little. Grandma read Maria a couple stories before we got in the car and headed home. Maria napped most of the way. When we got home we pretty much unpacked the car and headed to Nicollet Commons to check out the water park. My friend Sara and her family met us there, so the girls splashed a little together and then we went to Burger King where we ate and the girls played in the Playland.  Once we got home, it was a bath, and then straight to bed!

Sunday, Maria and I went to the zoo. We spent about 3 hours there. We saw quite a few animals really close up! I bet Maria’s face was only about 3 feet from a bear at one point (with glass between).  The Africa exhibit was pretty cool with the giraffes being really close. People were feeding them!  We also saw the timberwolves sleeping a few feet away in the Minnesota trail, and the Dolphins swam right in front of Maria too.  Although the part she talks about the most is the loud water. The tidepool exhibit scared her a little when the water rushed in.

Sunday after nap, Maria woke up and wanted to go to the other zoo.  I had told her we needed to go to the other zoo to see lions.  I guess she didn’t understand we weren’t going the same day!

Today I went back to work and Maria to daycare! It was sweltering as it is supposed to be tomorrow!  Chad is back too, which is why I’m posting this now. Hate to advertise being home by myself!!  Love most of you, but there may be some crazies out there too!

Also sorry for the lack of pictures. It’s just harder when you’re playing the single parent role, I guess! This is the only picture I have taken with my cell phone.

Nicollet Commons

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