Again, a weekend post. What happens to Mon-Thurs? I’m not quite sure!

Friday, Chad was home with a cold and working a little bit. I did lure him out for lunch at Sonic though!  I mostly cleaned and worked around the house.

Saturday, Chad stayed home, but Maria and I had a full day!  We headed off to see my nephew Andrew play in a baseball tournament. We watched 2 games and ate lunch in some almost unbearable humidity!  After the 2nd game (they won both!), we went back to my brother’s so Maria could nap.  I played with a couple games with my Kateyln (6 1/2) and Drew (9) while the little ones napped. It was fun to hang out with them without the “toddler” distractions.  After Maria’s nap, we headed to my friend Sarah’s oldest’s graduation party.  It is unbelievable that Briana is 18, and done with high school!

Today, we mostly just hung out at home. But we did go on a bike ride to the park, where Maria assured us she was 2 by having roughly 3 meltdowns.  She is also apparently going through a girly stage, and prefers to wear dresses or skirts right now. Apparently at daycare one of the little boys spilled sand on her dress in the sandbox, and she said “oh no, my pretty dress!”  Luckily she quickly realized it was just sand and she just needed to stand up!

Luckily Aunt Melanie went through and found Maria some more dresses yesterday.  Here she is modeling an outfit (kind of a dress – but very short with bloomers) that my mom made for Katelyn a few years ago.

Outfit by Grandma

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