Fun Playdate

Well I’m not sure what I was thinking when I organized a playdate for today, because last night when I thought about ALL the kids and people we’d have at our house, it seemed like a lot… but it was a BLAST!

In attendance – Ethan, Isaac, Lily, & Maria  –  all age 2!  Evan, Cole, & Macie (all >1!)  Oh, plus 5 Mom’s (Kristen, Theresa, Kyra, Jane, and me) and one soon Mom-to-be (Carrie)!

I dropped Maria off at daycare for about an hour this morning while I went to the dr and then got things ready. We had 2 pools in the backyard, plus the sprinkler! Everyone brought something to share for lunch (the brownies were a hit with the kids!) and we suffered no major meltdowns!  That is a success!

Maria LOVED it and after her nap (4-5 pm!) she asked about her “friends coming over?”   Sorry Sweetie, hopefully again soon!  And sooner than last time! Maria hadn’t seen any of these friends since she was 3 months old!  Here are a few shots, but more here at flickr. Unfortunately I was not at the top of my game and I didn’t get any shots of the babies or the Moms… just the toddlers.

Pool Fun

Enjoying Brownies



Slide in the Sprinkler

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