No idea where the last week has gone.  I’m just bad at blogging.  I think I’m dropping out of Whip It Up this summer.

And I can kind of keep up on facebook, but I think that just takes less effort. It’s like 10 words of what I’m doing. Not an entire post. And yikes, Maria keeps us busy!

So yes, I owe you some pictures. I have some cute ones blowing bubbles. It’s mostly now figuring out the best ones (because I took like 30) and uploading them to flickr.

Hopefully tomorrow night. I know I think that every night.   She even went to bed early tonight, but I decided to use that time at the library. And then Chad and I started catching up on 30 Rock.  (Yes, we now only have 4 episodes to the end of the season!) It was funny, but we were lost. Wondering if we were so behind that one was deleted before we watched it, or just that we don’t remember what happened in April!

ANyway, that’s my lame excuse, but I will leave you with a cute Maria story:

Maria has been obsessed with umbrellas, so I finally got her her very own Tinkerbell umbrella. So now she talks about how it will rain and she will wear her rainhat, raincoat, boots, and umbrella in the rain. (Not exactly sure how she knows she needs all those things, because she’s never seen them all together). And then yesterday, as we drove by Home Depot. She said “Home Depot! Maybe it’s raining at Home Depot. I wear my rainhat, raincoat and boots and umbrella!”  Now if that isn’t strange enough, again today after not seeing a Home Depot all day, she said “Maybe it’s raining at Home Depot. I wear my rainhat…” I think you know where this is going. I have no idea why she thinks it rains at Home Depot!

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