Don’t Count Me Out Yet

I’m still here!  Yes, I am. Not blogging, but here.

And now I’m thinking I’ll just keep this “slacking” right on through vacation and the last busy month of summer, so any stalkers loyal readers out there won’t know if our house is vacant or if I’m just trying to keep up with a 2 year old!  oh yes, this will all work out in my favor.

We’ve been busy.

Maria amazes us daily! Not only does she recognize what each letter of the alphabet is (Upper case only) she now knows a few numbers.

She also lies tells stories. For instance, she has told us several times that she got a time out at daycare for hitting baby Luke.  But according to daycare she is nothing but gentle around the new baby.

She is also getting harder to understand as she adds words to her vocabulary and talks about things that aren’t necessarily in the room or even happen when we were there. Lately we talk alot about a specific episode of Sesame Street where Chris and Alan were chased by a giant rock. (picture Indiana Jones-esque adventure)

Tonight, when Chad came home she cornered him and asked him “How was your day?”.  She then came to me and asked me the same thing, even though I had just spent all afternoon with her. Daycare was closed for the afternoon, so we checked out the Clifford the Big Red Dog exhibit at the children’s museum. Maria surprised me, by knowing most of the characters in the exhibit, including Clifford’s friend sitting with him in the picture below.  Maria kept calling her Elizabeth, and I thought she thought it looked like her cousin Elizabeth (which it doesn’t really), but a quick google tonight and her name is Emily Elizabeth. Once again, Maria knows her characters!

So yes, as for me. Work is busy. Although my contract was just extended to early December. Good news, as it means I will have Friday’s off through then at least. Yay!

Maria & Clifford

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