Luther Park Family Camp

For the 2nd year in a row, we spent a week at Luther Park for their annual family camp week.  It was a great time. What a difference a year makes with Maria! She was not apprehensive or too cautious at all!!  As soon as she was out of the car she was running across the parking lot to greet Sherm, the camp director! She didn’t even know him, but over a matter of a few minutes grew to love him! And all week was looking for Sherm and giving him hugs!

My parents arrived shortly after we did, and my brother’s family made it up Monday right after lunch, so Maria got great time with family and made a LOT of new friends!

She also was ready to play and went with the counselors for games the first evening we got there without looking back, just took a hand and walked across camp with a complete stranger and other kids.

By the end of the week, she was getting tired. I imagine the late nights, busy afternoons, lots of fresh air and activities, and sleeping in the pack’n’play were taking their toll. Starting Wednesday, she took 2 naps each day, which is a lot considering again the strange place, pack’n’play and so much going on!

She was able to conquer her fear of the loud chapel by Monday evening and realized it was loud, but that she got to jump up and down and sing and dance!  She is still requesting the “Na Na Na” song several times both days we’ve been home!  It was a great experience and I loved just seeing how much she loved being at Luther Park!  My parents started taking us when I was 3 and I worked there in college, so it’s got a lot of memories for me and hopefully more to come!

In the Pool

Bath Time!
Taking a Bath

Sherm & Maria
Maria and her BFF Sherm

Grandma & Maria
Grandma and Maria

Maria & Aunt Melanie
Aunt Melanie & Maria

Maria & Uncle Mike
Maria & Uncle Mike

Closing Worship
Up front during Closing Worship

The Family
The Family (minus Melanie & Chad)

More Pictures

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