The First Trimester

We are now less than 6 months from due date with Baby #2!  Due 2/20.  Time is flying by with so much to do in the next 6 months!

The first trimester was not that bad.  Relatively similar to last time.  Definitely hungry the first few weeks.  The nausea (which was minimal the first time – I never threw up) may have been slightly better this time. No dry heaving or anything.  (not rubbing it in)…  Definitely tired and appreciative of naps.  Not sure if I was more tired this time than last.  Hard to tell if it’s the toddler who wears me out or the baby… Although the last few weeks have definitely gotten better, I still need AT LEAST a full 8 hours to function by the next evening after work.

We also had an ultrasound at 9 weeks, because the doctor was concerned about the size and wanted to verify dates. The ultrasound showed everything was normal and the dates were correct.  I switched doctors/clinics too, and so far LOVE the new doctor/clinic. It means I will deliver at a different hospital, but I wasn’t that attached to the last hospital (or obviously doctor) and our pediatric clinic covers the new hospital too.

Maria is set on having a baby girl or a baby brother, but not a baby boy.  🙂  We won’t know until February though!   She’s excited about being a big sister, but I don’t think she really gets it.  We bought new (used) furniture  for her and will move her into a new room (which means taking down wallpaper and painting). It is all set up now though, and she loves sitting on her new bed and talking about how she will sleep in it and the baby will sleep in the crib and sit in the bouncy seat!

So far so good!   And it’s time for bed so I’m not wiped tomorrow!

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