Labor Day Weekend

I know I’m a little late. Just been a busy week!

We went to my brother’s cabin for Labor Day weekend. My parents were up there and my sister-in-law’s parents own the cabin next door, so it was a fun weekend with lots of family! We celebrated my niece Elizabeth’s 3rd birthday!

Chad fishing
Chad spent a lot of time fishing off the dock, but never caught anything.

Playing Croquet
Playing croquet with Will (her cousins’ cousin)

The Birthday Girl
Elizabeth, the birthday girl!

All the Cousins
All the kids (Maria’s cousins and their cousins)

Birthday Girl
Elizabeth with her Rubber Ducky cake

And she Fell Down
Playing Ring Around the Rosie. Maria was a bit surprised when she went under water. But she recovered quite quickly.

The New Scooter
Elizabeth’s new Scooter

Sibling Rivalry

My niece and nephew playing a typical game of chase…

More pictures

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