Weekend: Saturday we took down wallpaper in the “plaid” room. No plaid left!! Yay! It will be Maria’s new big girl room when we’re done. Sunday we had a playdate with my co-worker and her daughter’s. Then football for Chad, while I made apple crisp and meatballs for dinner and Maria played and watched her Percy (Thomas) video.

Reading: catching up on magazines. Population 485 is next.

Pregnancy: 18 weeks now.  Feeling good.  Funny how at this time in the last pregnancy, I felt so pregnancy, and now I don’t feel that way at all.  I guess I know how big I’m really going to get!  We have our Level 2 Ultra Sound next week.

Work: Busy. Lots of stuff going on for a team that seems to only be getting smaller.

Other Stuff: Helping to plan for Sherm & Mary’s party in October. If you worked at Luther Park, and want to send me your current email and any emails of other past staffers, that would be great

Not much else. Tired today from staying up for the football game, but glad they won, especially since I stayed up for the end!!  Need to go get some apple crisp and then head to bed!

2 thoughts on “Recap/Catch-up

    • Nope! We’re going to wait again! Although a part of me would love to purge the pink if we knew we were having a boy, but I loved finding out when she was born!

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