We had a nice weekend again. Yesterday morning we walked a 5K in memory of Chad’s best friend’s dad. It was a beautiful morning and we managed 5K in about 50 minutes.  Although I was plenty tired at the end!  We spend the afternoon relaxing (naps for all) and I also went through a big load of maternity clothes from a friend.  Chad’s parents stopped by in the evening.

This morning, Maria slept in until 9:30!!  Couldn’t believe it. I showered, talked to my mom on the phone, and did some grocery shopping before she was even stirring!  The afternoon was spent watching football, and then another friend stopped by with MORE maternity clothes!  Chad is thrilled! Not so much with the extra boxes and bags, but with the fact that he thinks I don’t need to shop now! 🙂

Maria was a little confused today and asked a couple times where we were going. I don’t think she gets the concept of just staying at home for the day.  I guess our weekends have been pretty busy all summer, that she’s not used to staying home!  I think it was good for ALL of us!  Chad did take her out for a bike ride in the late afternoon, but she didn’t like how windy it was, and I guess got scared by some leaves(??).

She went right down again tonight and I think it’s about time I did the same!

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