What we’ve been doing:

Avoiding H1N1 – my co-worker’s daughters both are currently on tamiflu and “quarantined”.  Their entire daycare had a fever on Monday evening!

Working – Not as hard as I should be.  So need to work on that.

Sleeping – I’m REALLY good at napping these days!

Staying up late watching sports – Monday the Packers and Tuesday the Twins… So Tuesday wasn’t so late, but it was a long (and exciting game). Monday was late and they lost, so that made Tuesday that much harder.

Trying to keep my house clean – It’s very hard.  I’m not sure why it’s all of a sudden gotten so hard. Maybe because now when Maria naps, I nap. And now when she goes to bed, I lay around and watch TV.  LOVE having some good prime time TV back!

Cooking – I’ve been cooking quite a bit lately.  Inspired by the cooler weather, baking and crockpot cooking! Oh and trying to save money, so planning ahead a little to avoid drive-thru’s and the carside-to-go mentality!

Enjoying Maria – She is a blast these days!  She loves to “sit” by the baby.  She listens to it with her stethoscope too. She also is nuts about all her dolls!  And as much as she is Mommy’s girl, she really loves her time with Daddy when he gets home!  She never ceases to amaze us with what she says and with what she has stored in that little head of hers!!

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