A Very Busy Weekend

I was hoping to wait to post when I had pictures ready, but that will be tonight or tomorrow… possibly the next day. I have been a total slacker with the camera this month!

Friday, I headed to Luther Park around noon. I helped plan a Celebration for Sherm & Mary, the directors at camp who were “let go” after working there 30+ years. They were there when I was a wee little family camper (3 1/2) and were my bosses when I worked there in college. And this was their last summer. Friday it snowed! But it was a great weekend and we had a great turnout, even though it caused a little panic by the kitchen staff, because we had a lot of people who had not made reservations. But we stretched out the food like “fishes & loaves” and all ate plenty! It was a great time and got to catch up with lots of friends.

Saturday – Mid-afternoon, I went straight from camp to my brother’s house where I helped decorate Katelyn’s birthday cake. She turned 7 on Saturday, which is amazing, because I remember so much from when she was born as I was unemployed and spent a lot of time at their house. Hard to believe it was 7 years ago!

Sunday – Since I did not make it home in time to see Maria on Saturday night, I got a rousing “Mommy’s Home!” when I went in to get her on Sunday morning. She and I took a morning trip to Target. She has been sooo good lately when we take her shopping. And only seems to get a little pokey when we walk through the toy department! After Target, we watched football (Chad – Vikings and the RedZone Channel, me – Packers, Maria – Elmo’s World) and napped. After naps, we headed to Katelyn’s birthday party.

Busy Busy Weekend!! Stay tuned for pictures.

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