So I used to peruse consignment stores. I occasionally have luck, more so with children’s clothes than things for myself.  But in the last couple years, I’ve had better luck with selling my own junk stuff! And not just clothes, a few wedding presents that never made it out of the box (And no, I’m not talking about the stuff you got me! I am 99.5% confident that the gifters don’t read my blog)

Once I figured out I can get a check for selling stuff that just takes up space,  I was all over it!  The other night I dropped off about 20 things. A few tops that I know won’t fit me for quite a while and/or that I never wore much (or at all). Plus some Christmas decorations that haven’t made it out of storage in a few years!

The best part about the trip was not freeing up that 3 feet of space in our “store” room, but the check I picked up from some past goodies I dropped off. I have no idea what those items were, but know that now I have an extra $50.  It’s a decent chunk of $$ for some things that I obviously don’t miss!!

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