25 Weeks

I am 25 weeks along, but it seems like I should be further.

I don’t remember feeling like I was “outgrowing” my clothes this early last time. And I don’t remember having such a hard time getting comfortable last time.

But all that, it’s going well!  I am feeling this little one kick quite a bit.  Baby is definitely a fan of banana splits!

We are slowly getting ready. We are in the midst of having Maria’s big girl room and hallway painted.  Should be done by Thursday!  I’m also one again feeling the need to purge and clean out!   This time I think I’m a little more aware of how much things will be different come Feb/March.  I cleaned out a bunch of cookbooks to take to the Used Bookstore, knowing that if I’ve owned them for more than a year and not cooked much out of them that I won’t have time to do that in the next couple years…   Next up is probably some of my fabric and crafty stuff!

It’s been a whirlwind so far and I know it will all go quickly with the holidays and lots of birthdays to celebrate between now and February 20th!

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