Creating Work

Work has been a little slow the last week or so.  It is leaving me a little unsettled as my contract ends on 12/5, so I am guessing an extension is probably not happening.  (Thankful I am a full-time employee for the company I consult through!)

As it is, I am trying to download download download and document!  I have been at this position for about 21 months and learned a LOT!  So now I am working on creating documentation for the team (and people we support) from the stuff I have collected and devised in my head.  None of which I have been specifically asked to do, but things I know that will be a positive for the people I work with whenever I make my exit.

Plus I also need to update my resume and gather some evidence examples of things I’ve worked on and created while on the job here!

As much as things are slow, I am really trying to focus on adding value to the team while not boring myself with my own brain-dump!

It doesn’t help that I obviously have a few other things going on (hello 2  year old, 25 weeks pregnant and serious nesting!)

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