Friday Change of Plans

Yesterday my plans for Friday were:

  • Get up clean, including shampooing the carpet in the hallway and Maria’s new room.
  • Go out to lunch with Chad
  • Consign some more stuff
  • Do some shopping
  • Nap and/or watch Thursday night TV
  • Pick Up Maria from daycare
  • Eat dinner as a family
  • Watch some TV or read

Instead I:

  • Vacuumed and shampooed the carpets in the hallway and Maria’s new room
  • Picked up Maria at daycare (early)
  • Made a doctor appt for her 2 goopy eyes
  • Ate lunch (Chad got takeout for us all)
  • Put Maria down for a nap
  • Laid down for a nap, but was interrupted by the doorbell
  • Arranged the flowers that were delivered!! (Thanks, Karin!)
  • Took Maria to the doctor
  • Went to Target to fill Maria’s prescription
  • Bought Maria her first Starbuck’s beverage! (hot chocolate)
  • Went to the mall with an overtired 2 year old
  • Came home, gave 2 year old an ice cream cone for dinner, because I knew she was too tired to sit still for anything that wasn’t a “treat”
  • Somehow managed to corral her into bed
  • Went back up to her room after 5 minutes to assure her that there were no GORILLAS(!) in the house.
  • Made a mental note, not to read Good Night Gorilla to her for awhile!

Don’t get me wrong it was a good day! Just wish it didn’t involve a trip to the doctor or the pharmacy!

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