Had a great Saturday.

We were up and ready for church directory family pictures way ahead of schedule!   We had planned buying a couple pictures if they turned out well, but they turned out much better than expected. And schnikes, we figured out how Lifetouch makes money on those church directories pretty quick!  But what do you do, walk away from good pictures, so that you can try again at a lower priced studio  where you get mixed results?  oh and doing this during the holiday season (not to mention a flu pandemic!) Not us, we bit the bullet, bought the pictures.

After pictures, we came home ate lunch, and cleaned our butts off for about 3 hours.  Maria napped for part of this and was happy to watch Elmo In Grouchland while we cleaned.

The cleaning was not fun, BUT it was all because my brother’s family and Chad’s brother’s family and all of our parents were coming over to celebrate our birthdays.  It was fun! I have 5 nephews and nieces combined, plus Maria. They all played.  We discovered how nice it is going to be for Maria to have a bedroom with space for toys and playing on the main level!  We love her little people, but love them more in her room!

Pictures to be posted later…

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