Since we celebrated last night, we were a little more low key today.

We got up and headed to the mall. I got my free birthday coffee and then we headed to the Sleep Number store where we bought a new bed!! Yay!! So excited for that!

We ate lunch at Appleby’s since we were at the mall and they had the Vikings game on for Chad.  Came home and Maria said she wanted to nap in her big girl bed. So I put the bed rail together and got it on her bed and she slept for over an hour!

After Maria’s nap, my friend Sara and her daughter Annabel came over and we had cake and the girls played.

Watched a bit of the Packers before leftovers (sloppy joes & jell-o salad – birthday party food!)

Then Maria was ready for bed. Again she asked to sleep in her big girl bed!  She is definitely setting the milestones for us!  First deciding she was ready for potty (which is going really smoothly!). Yesterday she wanted “undies” (not a pull-up) and she stayed dry.  Today she is ready for the big girl bed!  She even asked for us to shut the door!

Here are some pictures from our party last night…

My Birthday

My Birthday

My Birthday

My Birthday

My Birthday

Accola Cousins

More pictures

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