So yes, I’ve been shirking my duties as the dutiful blogger I want to be.  I apologize, but November gets soo hectic!

Since my last post, I went on the Hudson Tour of Homes with Sarah, had a playdate / Packer watching afternoon with my friend Lana, celebrated Thanksgiving with the family, got up early for a few Black Friday doorbusters (which I doubt I will ever do again), made lefse with my mom and celebrated Chad’s birthday.  And pretty much completed my Christmas shopping!

Plus I’ve been cleaning out closets, the backroom and garage.  Got rid of some good garage clutter using Craigslist. Sold 2 boxes of books at the used book store. And took 3 boxes to Goodwill.  Currently I’m working on finding someone or an organization that would want a bunch of my fabric.  And getting our old hideabed hauled away.

Today, I finished up at my contract at Target Corp.  I was there over 21 months, so it was a little surreal to leave and not know what I am going to do next.  I will be on the bench and my company will continue to pay me while they try to find me a position.  Of course, things are a little limited with my due date being mid-Feb, plus this time of year it’s just hard to find new contracts.

This weekend besides getting things organized with the new bed, I’m hoping we get the tree and decorations up for Christmas. Maria has been so excited and playing with her Fisher Price Nativity Set and her Mix and Match Christmas Book.  (Both are toys I highly recommend for toddlers and would make excellent gifts!)    She also is obsessed with Christmas lights and talks about Santa coming in through the fireplace!  What a wonderful time of  year!

I will try to be better about keeping up with my blog now.  Especially if work is a little slow, I really have no excuse, right?!

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