Closet Cleaning

In our downstairs Amusement room (or 2nd family room) we have a large closet on one wall with nice shelves.  Yesterday it was full of crap.  RIght now it has much less crap!

  • I organized and got a bunch of craft stuff, including fabrics, sewing notions, beads, cardstock (from our wedding invites) and other various items ready to donate to ArtScrap (a re-use crafty store in St. Paul).
  • Plus I got rid of a bunch of boxes from old cell phones, cameras, and other electronics that for some reason we felt we needed (recycled).
  • Found a pile of manuals from our old computer (recycled).
  • Went through our board games decided since we don’t play a lot of board games that we could donate 1/2 dozen to a charity.
  • And decided that the gift bags from my baby shower had not been re-gifted in the last 2 1/2 years, so I listed those on freecycle and Craigslist!

And now I have a whole bunch of rubbermaid containers to re-fill!

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