Christmas 2009

We had a great great Christmas!  Maria had so much fun and I think today was kind of a let down when no one came over to see her, although she is still loving all her presents!

Christmas Eve

We woke up to snow, so after Chad blew out the driveway we went out to play!

Christmas Eve Snow!

Early afternoon, we decided the roads were clear enough to  head to Chad’s parents for Christmas Eve.  We had a blast although it was just a lot for Maria to take in and she was pretty distracted by all going on, so she is still “discovering” presents that she opened that night.

Christmas Eve
with her golden Easter egg!

Christmas Eve
the whole family – notice my 7 month pregnant face!

Christmas Eve
her new tu-tu that I made her

Christmas Day

We decided not to travel to my parents due to the weather (woke up to even more snow and it was wet wet snow. We got to spend the day just hanging out played with Maria’s new toys including her new purple sled and watching her new Mickey Mouse Christmas dvd.

Christmas Morning
Santa was here!
Christmas Morning
her new Little Mermaid doll!

Christmas Day Snow
the new sled!

Christmas Day
blowing out the candles on her new cake while dressed up as Cinderella!

December 26th

We went to my parents on the 26th to celebrate with my family.  It was a fun time and Maria resisted sleep! We left their place around 8:40 pm and she did not sleep a bit the 1+ hours home!

Day after Christmas
before leaving for Grandma’s – modeling her new bathrobe with her swim shoes and an outgrown summer hat.

New Quilt from Grandma
her new quilt made by Grandma!

Accola Family Christmas
the cousins – Drew, Elizabeth, Maria, Katelyn

On Sunday, Chad’s parents came over in the afternoon. We had a nice dinner and Maria got to show off all  her presents.   It was a great holiday as a family!!  And we cherished every minute of it together as a family of 3!

More pictures.

Today was back to work for me.  Chad has the rest of the week of and daycare is open so Maria is going.  I worked the morning and then had my annual review over lunch. I was promoted, so that was the excitement for my day!  I picked Maria up at daycare and she wanted to know who was coming over.  Poor girl had some high expectations after an exciting 4 days celebrating Christmas!

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