Today’s Wake Up Call

I was already running late this morning and knew commuting was going to be bad with the snow falling.  But then I heard.. “Mommy… Mommy!”  Even though she is Chad’s responsiblity in the morning, sometimes she’ll go back to sleep with a little convincing, so I went in there.

Maria: “Mommy, I need a Jelly Bean!”

Me: “No you don’t. It’s still night-night time.”

Maria: “Daddy gave me a Jelly Bean.”

Me: “Yes he did, but that was because you went on the potty.”

Maria: “I have to go potty.”

And seriously, you can’t deny that she probably does after sleeping for 10 hours.  BUT when I picked her up, she was ALL wet!  So she got up for the morning.  I dressed her and then she followed me around while I finished getting ready.  I was smart enough not to eat breakfast at home, as I knew I didn’t have time to feed her.  She did steal a couple pieces of my apple I was packing though. Chad was not so smart and she pulled up a stool right next to him and said “I’m going to have Cinnamon Toast Crunch too!”  And I took that as my cue to hit the road!

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