Diaper Question

I was a pretty religious Pampers Swaddler/Cruiser user with Maria.  I think I had a couple packs of Huggies & Target brand (prior to the Up&Up rebrand) with her as a baby.  I also tried Luv’s and got a rash within the first day of using them.   I only switched to Huggies this summer when they didn’t sell Pampers where we were for vacation.  I ended up liking the Huggies and they were cheaper, so I stuck with it until we switched to Pull-Ups.

So Baby #2 I was just going to use Pampers. But now I hear P&G has changed the design of the Swaddlers and Cruisiers with not so good reviews..  Anyone have any opinions on Huggies or Target brand for infants or anything else?  Starting to feel like I should have a pack in the house pretty soon…

5 thoughts on “Diaper Question

  1. Hi Jane!!!

    Good question! I went through this too! I ALWAYS used Huggies with Jack. I tried the Luvs and Target brand, both of which I just felt were crappy. However, they have redone the new Target brand …Up & UP and they are great! We have used them with Owen pretty much the whole time…I would highly recommend them!

  2. Hi Jane!
    As I type this, Max-child #4, is, dare I say, on his way out of diapers, but we, over the years, have been big fans of the Sam’s Club-Members Mark brand. I don’t think they start until Size 3 though. So, a little advice for down the road!

  3. I love the target brand! However, I’m not too picky – we use pretty much whatever is on sale, or that I have a coupon for! Good luck 🙂

  4. I have pretty much used Pampers the whole time. I used Target ones for awhile, but prefer the Pampers. I like that they absorb a lot and don’t feel scratchy! I have used Huggies, but would rather use Pampers.

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