Luke is 3!

My nephew Luke turned 3 this weekend! We celebrated yesterday with a Goldy Gopher party!  He was very excited the whole time!  I was in charge of the cake, and loved how it turned out… I decided to keep it simple and just created a cake topper to use on a cake with the “M”  (FYI, Maroon is not an easy color to mix!)

Luke got some great presents, including a big box of Skittles and a card that plays the Minnesota rouser. He also got anew bike, which he took off on right away (in the house)

Everyone had a great time, even Maria who did not get to blow out the candles.  Luke reminded her right when we arrived that he got to blow out the candles. He reminded her again before we sang and even gave her a sideways glance before he blew them out, but she was good and just watched!

Luke's 3rd Birthday

Luke's 3rd Birthday

Luke's 3rd Birthday

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