Weekend Accomplishments

Friday night: Got Maria in bed after she had a fun-filled day with her aunt and cousins! Then I caught up on some TV. (Ugly Betty & Grey’s Anatomy)

Saturday: Dishes, Laundry, Lilah’s birthday party (despite the yuk weather), short nap and some good reading time, dreamt about the baby (including its sex – last time the one dream I had was right!)

Sunday: Bed, Bath, & Beyond + Target shopping with Maria, prepared lunch(!), resisted long nap (instead read and took short nap), made banana bread, made dinner(!), watched some football, moved Maria’s clothes into her big girl room closet and dresser, read some more!

TO DO: post/blog a new recipe and pictures from the weekend. lots more baby prep stuff (install car seat, laundry, prepare room (packing more of Maria’s stuff away)

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